Weight Loss Tips and Tricks – Five Tips to Help You “Lighten Up”

Almost all of us want to constantly adjust our weight. A handful of us are happy with our weight, others need to gain a few pounds. The rest of us “battle the bulge” almost constantly. No matter what your weight goals are, here I provide some important weight loss tips and tricks to help you achieve your ideal weight more faster.

Eating more calories than your body needs to perform it’s daily functions, means that the extra calories will be stored as fat. If you do not eat sufficient calories to satisfy your bodies energy needs then your body will make make up the difference by taking what it needs from the stored fat in your system.

Understand that every 3500 calories of unused energy stored by your body, is stored in the form of fat. So in order to lose one pound of fat you would have to create an energy deficit of 3500 calories by either reducing your intake or increasing your exercise level to burn up the 3500 calories. Keep in mind that it is not safe to lose more than 2 pounds per week.

It can be refreshing to know that walking an extra mile every day will burn up 100 extra calories per day. Walking one mile uses up approximately 100grams of energy (the exact amount depends on your body weight)

People who are overweight spend more energy in moving about than those who are at their ideal weight. It stands to reason that the heavier you are determines the amount of energy required to move. If you use calorific charts, always check to see what body weight is being referred to.

Sometimes breaking things down into simple day-to-day terms can make all the difference; Any food or drink that contains about 100 calories, a soft drink or an extra slice of bread per day will add up to 10 extra pounds in one year if your exercise level is not increased.

One thing is certain. Most people do not get enough exercise in their ordinary daily routines. If you are already over your ideal body weight get a check up before starting a diet or exercise routine.

Stretch Mark Removal Cream Options – Some Creams Work and Some Creams Don’t Work

Are you looking for the best stretch mark removal cream? Are you tired of looking all over the internet, but you can’t find anything that works? I have been looking for the best remedy for awhile, but I haven’t had that much luck until recently. Let’s discuss what to look for when trying to decide what product to purchase.

If you spend much time at the store, you have probably seen all of the various skin care products available. Whether you are shopping at Wal-Mart, Target, or even any of the dollar stores, you have probably seen a few skin care products on the shelves. Through my research, I have noticed that the cheapest products are not effective in getting rid of stretchmarks. Usually these products are just thrown together by people who have no idea what they are doing. I recommend staying away from these types of products.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have products like StriVectin. If you have done any research on stretchmark cream, you probably already know about this product. StriVectin is an awesome product. It seems to be very effective in getting rid of stretchmarks, wrinkles and acne. The only problem is that it is very expensive, and you have to use it religiously for a few months to see the results.

I always recommend trying any of the products you find on specialty websites. These stretch mark removal cream options are thoroughly researched by experts in the field. In addition, you can usually get free trials of the best products so you can see how they work for you. These products are always effective in getting rid of stretchmarks.